Gastric Band Abu Dhabi

Bariatric surgery, also known as gastric band Abu Dhabi surgery is a common type of weight loss surgery for people who are dealing with extra pounds. In this surgery, an adjustable band is involved that is tied around the uppermost part of your stomach. This ensures that less food is passed through your stomach and thereby help in the reduction of fat.

When you eat, your stomach fills up faster. This is because the capacity of your stomach has been reduced by placing a band over the top of your stomach portion. This is why you will feel fuller quickly and on an early basis than normal. Eventually, you will focus less on eating and gradually lose weight.

Based on your condition, your surgeon can either loosen or tighten the gastric band. This can be done by injecting liquid into the tube that is inserted into your band. This will determine how much food will pass through the pouch into the lower part of your stomach.

Gastric Band Abu dhabi

Speaking of success rate, it completely depends on your willpower and attitude. You need to follow a healthy lifestyle and the necessary changes that have been brought due to the Gastric Band UAE. Your regular eating habits and daily activities may get hampered because of this surgery. You need to be careful with high-calorie beverages as the liquid will not be restricted by the gastric band.

Are You Eligible For A Gastric Band Abu Dhabi?

There are certain criteria, that will take a side on whether you will be considered for a gastric band surgery or not. These include: –

  • If your BMI is 40 or more or lies between 35 and 40 along with any medical condition such as high blood pressure or diabetes.
  • Exercise and dieting didn’t work as planned, so you have made up your mind to undergo the treatment as your last option.
  • You are fit enough for a general anaesthetic surgery.
  • You are fed up after undergoing regular check-ups and making lifestyle changes.
  • Most importantly the willpower to shed those unnecessary and extra pounds.

If you are dealing with certain long term health problems then it is not wise to go for gastric band surgery. Long-term problems may include heart disease, physiological disorder, or inflammatory bowel disease. Knowing your mental health is also necessary and can also be a concern that can be verified through a psychological assessment.

With the condition, your physician or doctor will recommend you a specialist from an obesity management service, wow will help to access whether the surgery will have any impact on you. If he confirms, then you can have the Gastric Band Abu Dhabi. You can also opt for any private or multispecialty hospital that you trust.

    How To Set For A Gastric Band Abu Dhabi Surgery?

    It is quite important to know regarding the involvements in the procedures of these major operations. Your doctor must let you know about the potential complications and what you should expect after the surgery. Before the process, your doctor will discuss it with you. There are other types of surgeries that they will suggest based on your physical condition, mainly gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy surgery. This is where you and your doctor will decide on what’s right for you. There are certain points that you need to consider. These are: –  

    • Most people have got benefits from gastric band surgery. If you have any health condition, including, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, then you can reduce the potential risk.
    • It is not compulsory that, you will lose the desired weight. In most cases, it has been observed that people have got rid of about half of their excess lbs over a duration of two years.
    • It has also been proved that other types of weight-loss surgeries can also be beneficial in the long run.
    • Vital consequences are also there, such as you may need to have your gastric band replaced or removed if it deviates from its place.
    • It is better to clear your doubts before the Gastric Band UAE. Give time to your decision and make sure that you are happy with it. You need to know every aspect of this procedure as you have to sign a consent form.


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    How To Prepare For Gastric Band Abu Dhabi Surgery?

    A blood test will confirm whether you have obesity-related health conditions and based on the assessments you will be declared fit for the surgery. If you have the habit of smoking then you would probably have to quit it 2 months before the surgery and should not continue after it. Smoking can lead to complications and will affect the healing process. For a short while after the operation, you will have to rely on a low carbohydrate and low-fat diet. Doing this will help the liver to shrink and it will be safer and easier to put the band in place.

    Gastric Band UAE

    During the operation, you will not undergo any pain, as you will be riding high on anaesthesia. Before general anaesthesia, you have to fast. A set of guidelines will be forwarded to you on when to limit and then stop food and liquid intakes.

    On the day of  Gastric Band Abu Dhabi, your surgeon will conduct a medical exam which will give you a clean green signal to move forward. After the final check-up, you will be made ready for surgery. Before the operation you have to put on the surgery clothes, these are generally comprehensive stockings. To help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT), you may be injected with anticlotting medicine.

    What happens during gastric band Abu Dhabi surgery?

    Laparoscopic or keyhole surgery is used to fit the gastric band. Show it clearly states that there will be several small cuts in your abdomen where the surgeon will perform the surgery using the instruments that will be inserted through those cuts.

    The band will be inserted through the incisions and will be placed on the uppermost part of your stomach to create a small pouch. In order to loosen or tighten the band, a piece of fine tubing will be provided that will connect the band and injection port. You will get stitches under your skin, the stitches are dissolvable but the clips need to be removed a week later.

    What To Expect At The Hospital: –

    The anaesthesia will run down your head after some time, so you need to take a rest. In case of discomfort, you can have some pain relief pills. After the Gastric Band UAE, you will not feel good enough to consume any food, so liquid fluids will be provided to you by inserting drips into your vein. The hospital staff will encourage you to walk and move around after you feel good enough to work on. This will also help in the reduction of chest infection and the risk of blood cutting that might have developed in your legs.

    Before you move out of the hospital, you will be made aware of the nursing for your wounds and a follow-up appointment will be scheduled.

    What To Expect At The Home: –

    In most cases, it has been seen that patients either move out on the same day of operation or the following day. In that case, you need to appoint someone, who will take you home and if possible have to stay with you for the day until the effect of anaesthesia lowers down. You can also collect the painkillers from the counter as your head home.

    After the Gastric Band Abu Dhabi, you cannot gulf a complete meal, as there will be restrictions on what you can consume and also on the proportion. For the first couple of weeks you have to survive on liquids (not alcohol or other beverages), then slowly and steadily for the next one and half months you have to consume soft foods and then you can move next to your regular meals. If you are thinking that went to start and when to stop then don’t worry, your surgeon will make you aware of all those things.

    It will take nearly two weeks to get back on track. But, you need to follow the precautions as this varies from person to person. You will also need to follow up with your appointment as your gastric band need to be adjusted based upon your recovery scene. Now everything relies on your band as it will determine whether you need to lose or gain weight.

    Complications Associated With Gastric Band Abu Dhabi Surgery: –
    • Complications can happen even in the best stage, these are always unexpected and can give rise to a storm from a simple breeze. The possible complications may be any side effect to anaesthesia or excessive bleeding or blood clotting.
    • You may also figure out redness around the wounds. This is caused due to the infection that has been caused around the gastric band.
    • Your spleen, liver, or stomach might get injured during the Gastric Band UAE procedure.
    • There is a high chance that your gastric band may slip out of place. If this happens, you will have to report it immediately to your surgeon so that he can either reposition or remove it.
    • Gallstones are also a problem. These are formed in case you shed weight quickly. These are so painful that you need surgery to remove them.
    • In case you face certain symptoms after surgery, like chest pain, continuous vomiting, breathlessness, stomach pain, or high fever, you need to contact your doctor.
    • It is obvious that not all surgery processes are 100% accurate. You may either gain weight or lose it based upon the condition and type of body you have. If this continues then your surgeon has to suggest you another treatment options like gastric bypass surgery.
    What To Expect After Having Gastric Bypass Abu Dhabi Surgery?
    • The capacity of your stomach to hold food will be greatly reduced after Gastric Band Abu Dhabi.
    • Hydration is a major factor that you need to keep up with so you have to sip fluids on regular basis.
    • Don’t just gulp your food down, rather take small bites and chew them thoroughly before swallowing.
    • Don’t rush for water after you complete a meal, your stomach has been reduced and cannot hold that much pressure. Be gentle with it and drink after an hour.
    • On a small plate, you have to take three regular meals a day.
    • If you want to keep on with fruits and juices, then that’s completely fine.
    • Eat and drink slowly or else you will vomit.
    • Go for boiled food and avoid any spicy or junk type of food. Be kind and natural to your new stomach. Avoid foods that your stomach cannot digest easily.
    • Don’t put pressure on your band, just follow what your dietitian strictly says.
    • These times may be difficult for you and your family, there will be certain changes to your lifestyle and eating pattern. Your social life will change and most importantly for few weeks you cannot dine out or go on holiday.

    There will indeed be a lot of hard work and dedication go into the successful outrage of your operation, but one thing is to make sure that you come out of all the complications and start your regular life. The success of this gastric band surgery depends much on behavioural modifications and lifestyle changes. If you are looking for Gastric Band UAE, then you can find no better place than Safwan Taha’s Mediclinic.