Metabolic Surgery Abu Dhabi

Over the past few years, it has been seen that people are struggling with their weight, no matter what it takes, they want to lose weight. It has also been seen that the struggle is real. There are tons of ideas and bits of advice available, but none of those leads to a clear path.

It is not that easy to shed weight as achieving the target requires maintaining of lifestyle with a positive attitude and most importantly with a proper diet. In most cases excessive weight it is not only because of overeating but also due to some medical conditions, leading to obesity.

Metabolic Surgery abu dhabi

Weight loss might be difficult to hear off but with the willpower to lose weight, one can easily gain control over his body and mind. It is a long run where you have to manage and coordinate with your lifestyle. Metabolic Surgery UAE can assist you to achieve your target.

We all know that people are different in taste and sizes yet we all have an incredible and powerful mechanism that is probably the reason why weight loss and weight gain have got their limits even after imposing best efforts. With the advancement in the field of medical science, we have received long-lasting and effective treatments that can help people with weight loss. Losing weight will definitely improve the quality of life, feel you with energy, and most importantly you will have an active family time or you can involve yourself in personal activities.

 What Is Metabolic Surgery Abu Dhabi: –

The procedures used to treat metabolic diseases are termed Metabolic Surgery Abu Dhabi, mainly type  2 diabetes. When more than one disorder is involved and tends to occur together, it is termed metabolic syndrome. Increasing age, obesity, genetics, and physical inactivity can be some of the measure causes. If a person is suffering from metabolic syndrome then there is a greater chance that he/she will run high on blood sugar level, hypertension, or blood pressure or increase in blood cholesterol and lipid level that eventually lead to heart stroke and other such diseases.

If you notice that your blood glucose level remains higher than normal then you can ensure that you are suffering from diabetes. if you are overweight then you can also develop diabetes, obesity is one of the major factors contributing to diabetes.

    Who should go for metabolic surgery Abu Dhabi?

    During a survey, it has been found that 1 out of 3 people are unaware that they have diabetes and people who are well aware of their medical condition don’t know how to have proper control over that. Prolonged exposure to diabetes will also impact vital organs, namely, kidneys, nervous system, eyes, peripheral vascular system, and heart. All this eventually converts to heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, blindness, and amputation.

    Keeping on proper diet and exercise is the best management of diabetes. Not everybody can keep a check on their weight, leading to poor control of blood sugar levels. No matter if people are taking insulins or other oral medications, maintaining a proper diet and exercise is the key.

    Metabolic Surgery UAE

    If a person has extra pounds then Metabolic Surgery UAE should be considered as there is a lack of control over diabetes. A weight-related co-morbidity is recommended for people with having BMI between 35 and 39.9. In the case of people over BMI of 40 or more automatically qualify. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a key factor to bring diabetes under control.

    Co-morbidities are medical conditions that can be cured by shedding weight, it is a medical condition associated with obesity. Joint problems, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and obstructive sleep apnea are some of the common weight-related co-morbidities. Diabetic patients who do not want to undergo lifelong medication are left with surgery, the metabolic surgery to reverse diabetes. You must undergo screening procedures to determine whether you qualify for metabolic surgery or not.


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    Types Of Metabolic Surgery Abu Dhabi: –

    There are mainly two types of Metabolic Surgery Abu Dhabi, laparoscopic gastric bypass and laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. These are procedures similar to weight-loss surgeries, involve keyhole procedures, and are less invasive.

    • Laparoscopic gastric bypass: –

    In this bypass surgery, an oval-shaped pouch is developed in the upper stomach that is, later on, connected through a y shaped configuration to the lower part of the small intestine. This is a keyhole surgical procedure that diverts the food so that it will not reach the intestines and eventually less food will be absorbed leading to weight loss.

    • Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy: –

    In this keyhole surgical procedure, the stomach is converted to a long cylindrical tube. This helps the patients to limit the amount of food that they can eat, it also enhances the effect of intestinal hormones that will bring the level of blood sugar down.

    What Are The Benefits Of Metabolic Surgery Abu Dhabi?

    If you wish to have sustainable and significant long-term weight loss then metabolic surgery is one of a kind. Most of the patients will shed around 70 to 80% of their excess body weight, within 1.5 to 2 years. It has also been recorded that people who have adopted metabolic surgery are now living healthy and longer lives. A 52% reduction has also been observed in deaths from obesity-related diseases.

    Drastic effects can be seen in the lifestyle and personal health of people who have shed weight from a severely obese state. Losing weight can also help you to stay away from the risk of getting diseases and other health conditions. high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, back pain, migraines, a certain type of cancers, infertility, joint problems, heart diseases, arthritis, diabetes, and sleep apnea are some of the diseases that can be prevented.

    In the procedures, it has also been seen that Metabolic Surgery UAE has a complex adaptive effect on our gastrointestinal hormones. This plays an important role in controlling the blood glucose level. This is why metabolic surgery is a positive aspect beyond weight loss.

    In a survey, it is cleared that patients who underwent metabolic surgery have better improvements in their health and the quality of their life. Bariatric surgery with medical therapy can together create wonders while people who opted for medications generally struggle. This surgery has also proved that people have completely returned to normal from high blood sugar. In terms of medication, it is a long-term process.

    When we speak of type 2 diabetes, that case metabolic surgery is highly recommended as it is a highly effective and durable treatment. Patients have also shown improvements in lipid levels and elevated blood pressure. People usually fear when they hear the term surgery. To make it clear it is found to be safe and there is no threat towards death or life-changing complications.

    In terms of medications people usually face complications and side effects when used for a prolonged period. Kidney failure, vascular problems, diabetes, and eye diseases can be prevented through metabolic surgery. People who are at risk of developing diabetes due to excessive weight can prevent it through the effective procedure of Metabolic Surgery Abu Dhabi.

    Mental Preparation Is Important: –

    When you will consult your doctor or surgeon, you can discuss the procedure that suits your body type. Abdominal ultrasound, gastroscopy, and blood test are essential to perform before surgery. All your medical problems will be managed in the perioperative period as a multidisciplinary team will be there to guide and take care of your overall merits and demerits. The team includes physiotherapists, medical specialists, surgeons, and dietitians.

    Recovery Duration: –

    The surgery is completed in under 2 hours, general anaesthesia is given. After the surgery, it is advised to be on a liquid diet and generally progress towards soft foods. The patient usually gets habituated with the process. Most people prefer to stay in the hospital for about three to five days post-surgery. It generally takes two weeks for patients to be normal and get involved in their regular activities. During these days it is recommended not to work intensively as there will be gradual recovery.

    Side Effects And Risk Associated With Metabolic Surgery Abu Dhabi: –

    If you want long-term success then Metabolic Surgery UAE is a safe option. When we speak of risks associated with metabolic surgery, it is generally seen in the first few days after surgery. Infections, bleeding, and leakage from staple lines can be seen.

    Adverse reactions to anaesthesia, respiratory difficulties, and deep-vein thrombosis are some of the medical problems associated with it.

    Long-term complications are rare yet prevention is always better than cure. So you have to maintain your lifestyle and adapt to the changes post-surgery. This also helps to avoid future diabetic complications as the surgery can completely control diabetes.

    It can also help you with restricting complications and body organ deterioration. For good health and overall longevity, this surgery will be a great help.

    Obesity is a problem that is not restricted to country borders. The increasing burden of type 2 diabetes mellitus is rated high. People with obesity can easily obtain a durable and substantial weight loss procedure through the effective means of metabolic surgery.

    Surgery is a process beyond medications where a patient can see improvements with glycemic control, and reduction in cardiovascular risk factors.

    There is a vast magnitude that opens up after successful Metabolic Surgery Abu Dhabi. Insulin secretion, insulin sensitivity, and insertion profiles are some of the improvements associated with weight loss.

    The outcome of this process also eliminates the cardiovascular risk factors. Studies have been made in past and also in the future to enhance the effectiveness and to reduce the complications to zero or negligible.

    If you wish to have a long-term weight loss and achieve a healthy lifestyle with improved medical conditions in a positive sense, then Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery are excellent options related to obesity.

    You might have heard of complications getting severe after surgery but in the case of bariatric procedures, there is a negligible chance as these procedures are performed at accredited centers, so the risk is low.

    Performing surgery is not a one-man job. Along with the surgeon, medical specialist, physiotherapist, psychologist, case manager, and dietitian need to give their 100% to carry out a successful surgery. They all have to focus on the overall development of the patient and advise based on necessity.

    Undergoing surgery requires dedication and willpower. If a patient wants to get well soon then he has to engage himself in physical activities, keep a check on proper diet, and constantly coming in touch with the specialists. Supplements are also a helping hand to recover quickly.

    You may also need to test your periodic blood work to know the label of minerals and vitamins your body has and in that manner, prescriptions will be allocated.

    Last but not least Metabolic Surgery UAE is an effective and efficient process to deal with your extra pounds. With proper medical attention, willpower, and support a patient can recover in time.