Mini Gastric Bypass Abu Dhabi

The Mini Gastric Bypass Abu Dhabi (MGB) is a reversible laparoscopic gastric bypass weight loss surgery. It is a simple, short, and successful surgery that has recently been named One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass. The process is very simple and almost similar to other regular and short-term bypass surgery.

If you want to lose drastic weight then laparoscopic gastric banding might be the right surgery for you. The aim of mini gastric bypass UAE surgery is to restrict the over intake of food and allow small portions to accumulate in the stomach. This is achieved by placing a band around the upper part of your stomach. This band acts as a small pouch that holds the food that is passing through it. Post-surgery, based upon your condition, the surgeon will adjust the band in either way.

Mini gastric Bypass abu dhabi

As several small incisions were made on your abdomen, it is necessary to put the patient on general anaesthesia. The device that is inserted through one of your incisions is called a laparoscope. It is a thin instrument that has a camera and light on the front end, this allows the doctor to take a clear view of the internal organs on a screen. After examining the internal structure, small surgical instruments to perform the mini gastric bypass UAE are inserted through other incisions.

The initial step is to diminish the size of the stomach so that it can hold less food. The stomach is changed over into a long slim pocket up to the lowermost part. As the new stomach pouch is developed, in the second step a bypass is created for the easy flow of food. Based on the metabolic condition of the patient, the surgeon will choose a preferable loop length of between 150 and 250 cms from the small intestine for anastomosis.

Omega loop is created by attaching the opening in the stomach pouch and middle section of the intestine. Then the bypass of food is permitted by the loop through the duodenum, lower stomach, and a portion of the small intestine. Sutures are then used at the end of procedures to close the incisions. You will not be able to feel pain during the surgery as you would have received anaesthesia pre-surgery.

The surgery usually takes around 30 to 60 minutes based on the level of expertise your surgeon has. The first time you try to eat after mini gastric bypass Abu Dhabi surgery, you will feel that your stomach is full after a few chunks. The food that you will eat will slowly pass into the stomach but most of the food will remain in the upper pouch, which will gradually move down into the main part of your stomach.

    Why The Need to Perform This mini gastric bypass Abu Dhabi?

    When it comes to weight gaining, most people can do it very easily, but if it is been said to shed weight then hardly some people may come forward. In this case, if you are severely obese and can not lose weight through diet and exercise then the option you are left with is weight loss surgery.

    Laparoscopic gastric banding can change your lifestyle to an extent but it is not a quick heal for your obesity. It is advised that patients who have gone through this surgery need to exercise regularly and maintain a diet or else they will face complications or poor weight loss. Mental stability is vital and the patient must be aware that he or she is not dependent on illegal drugs or alcohol.

    A pre-BMI check-up can easily determine the benefits that a patient will have after mini gastric bypass UAE surgery. A BMI between 18.5 and 25 is considered normal.


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    Recommendations For the mini gastric bypass Abu Dhabi: –

    There are certain criteria based on which the procedure is recommended.

    • Your BMI is 40 or more. This means that the men are generally 45 kg overweight and women are 36 kg over their ideal weight.
    • If a person is having a medical condition and a BMI of 35 or more can improve weight loss. These conditions may include high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and sleep apnea.

    Potential Risks Include: –

    Some of the well-known risks for anaesthesia and any surgery are: –

    • Blood Clots.
    • Loss of excessive blood.
    • Problem with breathing.
    • Allergic reactions to medicines.
    • Infection in the surgery site, kidney, lungs.
    • Heart stroke or heart attack during or after mini gastric bypass UAE surgery.

    Some of the risks for gastric banding are: –

    • Weak immunity and nutrition may drain out you.
    • The bowel may be blocked due to the inner belly scarring.
    • Injuries may occur to the intestines, stomach, or other organs.
    • Requirement of antibiotics for surgery in case of port infection.
    • Exercise eating than your stomach can hold will result in vomiting.
    • Urgent surgery is required in case the stomach slips up through the band.
    • You may also face complications with heartburn, gastric or stomach ulcers.
    • If the erudition of the gastric band takes place through the stomach, then it must be removed.  
    • Minor surgeries might be required in case your surgeon will not be able to adjust the band.

    What To Expect Before the mini gastric bypass Abu Dhabi?

    Your surgeon will ask you to perform some tests and procedures before the beginning of the mini gastric bypass UAE surgery. You can also visit healthcare facilities and perform these tests: –

    • To know your medical state, it is advised to do a blood test and other related tests to pre-surgery.
    • Your surgeon will let you know the entire procedure, and we’ll make sure that you have gained knowledge over the consequences, risks, and benefits of surgery.
    • You need to put yourself into a complete physical exam and nutritional counselling
    • It is also essential that you have stable emotional and mental support to adapt to major changes that will be required post-surgery.
    • Your test reports must highlight that your blood pressure, diabetes, and other organs are in good health.
    • If you love to smoke then you have got a piece of bad news. You have to quit smoking before and after surgery as it slows down the recovery process and increases the risk of potential problems. There are counselling sessions that you can take to get rid of your smoking habit.
    • Pregnancy is a factor that your surgeon must be aware of before mini gastric bypass UAE surgery.
    • You have to reflect the vitamins, supplements, herbs that you have taken during the past few years, these also include the medications that you have bought without a prescription.
    Mini gastric Bypass UAE
    What To Expect A Weak Before Surgery?
    • You will be asked to stop those medications that will restrict your blood to clot. Some of these include vitamin E, warfarin, ibuprofen, aspirin, and others.
    • You should be well aware of the medications those need to be taken before the surgery.
    • You should follow strict fasting of 6 hours prior to surgery.
    • Try taking your foods and meds. with small sips of water.
    • Note down the date and time by which you need to address the hospital.
    What To Expect After Surgery?
    • It depends upon your physical fitness and mentality, that when can you join your regular lifestyle. It has been seen that people taking around 10 to 15 days to recover, while others went home on the same day of mini gastric bypass UAE surgery.
    • For the first month after surgery, you will be on liquids and mashed-up foods. Soft foods will then be added to your regular meals. Towards the end of your second month, you will be able to continue with regular foods.
    • As the day passes and you come back to your regular state, the elastic rubber band that has been placed in the uppermost part of the stomach will be adjusted.
    • The band that is placed under the skin on your belly is generally a rubber balloon that can be tightened by feeling it up with water that can be done using a needle.
    • Your band will either be tightened or loosened based on few factors including vomiting after a meal, not losing enough weight, prognosis, sectional collapse and more.

    When compared to other weight-loss surgeries, the final weight loss with gastric banding is not that large. With the surgery, it is ideal to shed ½ or 1/3 of the extra weight that you are carrying.  This is more than enough for most people. It is better to know which procedure suit your style. With mini-gastric bypass UAE surgery, you will slowly lose weight and should keep losing weight for up to 3 years.

    There are numerous medical conditions that can be treated over losing enough weight after a surgery. Some of those conditions include asthma, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, Gastroesophageal reflux disease, and more. With these, it will be much easier for you to do your everyday activities.

    It differs from other bypass surgeries in terms of the size of a gastric pouch that is considered to be large and the diameter width of the anastomosis between the pouch and the intestine that is usually wide. Slowly and steadily the patient will be able to increase the portion of Intakes. Malabsorption is the mechanism that works behind the procedure, which occurs due to the delay in the mixing of digestive enzymes and food. With mini gastric bypass UAE surgery, you can shed up to 80% of excessive weight.

    If you are thinking that undergoing the surgery is the cure for your obesity then you have to think further. It is not a permanent solution; you still have to do much of the work. There are certain guidelines that you need to follow in order to lose weight and avoid complications. Your physician or dietitian will give you certain sets of guidelines that you have to follow.

    For the first three months, you will face measure complications such as pulmonary embolisms, strictures, and other related risk pains. The complications will have signs, symptoms, and risks associated with it, that must be cleared by the surgeon before the mini gastric bypass UAE surgery.

     You can find numerous so-called surgeons who offer such surgeries but it is the years of experience that matters the most. A qualified bariatric surgeon is the one who can help you with your queries. Never look for cheap options as the surgery is related to your health. Remember, that health is wealth.