Revisional Weight Loss Surgery Abu Dhabi

These days weight loss and have captured the trend, everybody is seeking a guide to lose weight. There is a process called revisional weight loss surgery Abu Dhabi , that mainly focuses on people who have undergone bariatric surgery. This surgery can be performed on patients those who have successfully resulted in weight loss from previous encounters.

revisional weight loss surgery abu dhabi

Laparoscopic procedures are performed in most cases, however, open surgery is also an option if required. Even if weight-loss surgeries are performed tremendously, yet the growing population is a concern.

It has also been witnessed that some primary surgeries have turned into failures. If there is a failure in primary weight loss surgery, then the patient needs to be informed and an alternative technique should be adopted.

Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure: –

There are numerous factors that contribute to weight gain, even after revisional weight loss surgery Abu Dhabi. The main reason that stands out is the casualties that patients do after the surgery. It is often recommended to take precautions but people neglect these bits of advice and do as per their wish, resulting in weight regain.

It is not that patient’s anatomy will be similar throughout its life, it also requires some repairing work.

People visit prof. Taha Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Center for their weight gain problems. Some people also gain weight due to behavioral changes and when working under stressful conditions for prolonged hours. Other patients have gone under gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy and have thanked us for stabilizing up the hope and will of their family and friends.

How Revisional Weight loss Surgery Abu Dhabi Can Help?

Have you ever thought, why do people put on extra pounds and go for additional surgeries? It has been observed that if a person gains weight after bariatric surgery, then it is mainly due to personal changes.

Some of the most common changes may include, delivery, break-up, change in eating habits, excitement because of getting a new job, depression due to loss, or because of quitting exercise. There are two things that play a crucial role, attitude, and circumstances.

Please note that it is not that the size of your stomach that matters, but it’s the brain. If you want then you can put a stop to your bad habits, such as consuming junk foods. Weight gain or weight loss completely depends upon your state of mind.  

In this world, there is no such thing as a permanent cure. Obesity is not a common and chronic disease, even though revisional weight loss surgery UAE can be life-saving, you cannot call it a permanent cure. It’s not only the surgery but the patient has to be on track with the suggested lifestyle and nutritional intakes.

Things To Consider Before Surgery: –

We advise our patients to stick to their situation if they felt losing some ground. Then we run our counseling session and discuss the procedures to bring back them to their original form.

revisional weight loss surgery UAE

Our lifestyle plays a vital role in our day-to-day activities, if one person strictly follows a disciplined life then he will stay far away from any surgery. It is essential to choose your food, exercise at least four times a week, opting for a healthy program, and maintaining a stress-free environment.

Some anatomical reasons also force one to gain weight. You might ask for revisional weight loss surgery Abu Dhabi if you find your stomach to be stretching out for more food intake. If you think that it’s a failure of your previous surgery, you might be wrong. It is obvious that with time your stomach will stretch out, there is nothing to worry about this.

Medical science is changing rapidly, so do the techniques. When we discuss our surgery procedures with our patients, they often ask us for any new technology that will reduce the pain and fix them faster. At prof. Taha’s Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Center make sure to stay updated with the latest technology so that we can offer the best of help and health to our patients.

Weight gain after obesity operations

“Weight gain after obesity operations” refers to the phenomenon of gaining weight after undergoing a surgical intervention to address obesity, such as bariatric surgery. This weight gain can occur due to a variety of reasons such as poor diet and exercise habits, changes in lifestyle, or physiological changes that occur after the surgery. It is a common concern for individuals who have undergone obesity operations and may require additional interventions or support to manage their weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When To Consider Revisional Weight loss Surgery UAE?

Undergoing a revisional weight loss surgery Abu Dhabi is not an easy task. We have to consider your lifestyle, life routine, and to believe one of the most important factors is to discover your anatomy through esophageal. Here the X-rays will pass through your stomach and esophagus to result in an out clear-cut idea of your anatomical structure. With this, we can now consider the right process for your treatment.

If a person had a Lap-band at the junction of the chest and stomach, then we can revise the patient to some extent. These bands are made up of silicon and are placed to restrict food intake. You can find this band attached to the topmost portion of your stomach.

It was a widely accepted surgery, yet with time people can be seen with complications and weight gain. Nearly one-third of the patients require additional surgery to lose their weight. It is due to the fact of loosening and slipping of the silicon band over time. If you have ever felt into this kind of category, you may go for a gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy.

Not Every Body Says The Same Story: –

Lap band technique is always rated high as your initial operation determines your success story. Some surgeons conduct a second surgery within a month, which might be risky. It is always better to perform a bypass or sleeve after few months of initial operation. Not everyone can deal with some sort of surgery. In some cases, the pain is unbearable for the patients, while in others, for instance, heel after months of revisional weight loss surgery Abu Dhabi.

We have also seen people suffering from acid reflux. Nearly 25% of people were found to have this problem during a sleeve. In that case, in order to minimize the reflex, we try our best to get the shape back to normal. This is purely based on the skillset of your respected prof. Taha. This is why it is recommended to pay a visit to Taha’s Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Center. It is also wise to go with a clinical with extensive experience in revisional weight loss surgery UAE.

Know Your Insurance Coverage: –

Before undergoing the surgery process, ask your insurance agent for the considerations. Most of the insurance companies do consider bypass, sleeve, or band surgeries. There are certain criteria that you simply cannot neglect if you have a BMI of 35 for more along with any medical condition related to obesity or a BMI over 40 is only covered under insurance. Not to forget that endoscopic revisions are not covered under your insurance.

End Result Matters The Most: –

At Taha’s Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Center, we have an impressive success rate. We not just have conducted revisional weight loss surgery in Abu Dhabi but also managed to help people get rid of reflux. Most of our patients have already started a new life.

Revisional surgery is not the same as other surgeries. It takes more time to heal than normal surgery. This surgery deals with altered blood supply and scar tissues. After the surgery, it is advised not to leave the facility for a minimum of 3 days. However, after a couple of weeks, you can bring back your life on track.

What makes Taha’s Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Center a primary for Revisional Weight loss Surgery Abu Dhabi ?

When people start gaining weight, we structure the whole frame. There are numerous factors that can lead to weight gain, some of those are environment, stress, genetics, behavioral patterns, and most common is food choices. Before conducting a revisional weight loss surgery UAE, we consider all these points.

We are an experienced team working under the guidance of prof. Taha, who is widely known as “The surgeon of excellence in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.” This honor has been offered by the surgical review corporation of the USA. Prof. Taha currently holds the governor position of the UAE chapter of the American College of Surgeons, Chicago.

Speaking of honors, Prof. Taha has secured MD, FACS, CABS, FRCSGlasg, MSMBS, and SOEMBS. He serves as a reviewer and internationally known author/speaker for obesity surgery.

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